Our Story

Founded in 2020 in the coastal town of Aberystwyth, West Wales, PlantSea was born out of the shared desire to tackle plastic pollution and contribute to a sustainable future.

Plastic is widely used and can be found everywhere. If you don’t believe us, try living a day plastic free! Plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are recognised as a global concern. Replacing just a small proportion of the market with biodegradable, sustainable alternatives will have a significant impact on meeting global targets and more importantly, is a vital step towards achieving a sustainable and healthy planet.

In 2020, the PlantSea team won a student business competition, the InvEnterPrize, held by Aberystwyth University Business School and AberInnovation. Our team is now investing time and resources in refining new biomaterials to broaden our range of applications. The team is enthusiastic and collaborative, willing to develop this biotechnology with existing business. We are keen to support small businesses and local communities to promote environmental awareness through replacing plastic with sustainable alternatives.

Meet the team

Our multidisciplinary team hosts a broad range of expertise in science, technology and business.

Alex Newnes


Technology, Sustainability and Environment

Gianmarco Sanfratello


Research and Product Development

Rhiannon Rees


Business and Marketing Development