Millions of tonnes of plastic are manufactured each year and these materials are often petroleum based which is responsible for large-scale environmental damage and greenhouse gas emissions. So much of the discarded waste is un-recyclable and reaches their ‘end of life’ cycle after one use!  Once discarded, this plastic sits for centuries in landfill or drifts through our oceans endangering the sea-life.

At PlantSea Ltd, we aim to replace these environmentally damaging petroleum-based plastics with sustainable and biodegradable alternatives using natural resources found on our shores.

Our main focus is on the development of sustainable and low carbon bioplastics, with the aim to be national pioneers in the development and production of sustainable and affordable seaweed derived plastic alternatives. 
We aim to support seaweed aquaculture in Wales and the UK with the potential to expand and establish our own seaweed aquaculture, enabling us to sustainably grow raw material while sequestering carbon.


Our key principles


Our range of innovate biomaterials are derived from seaweed and other organic materials making them low-carbon and 100% biodegradable. Our developments includes water soluble and water-resistant materials, offering scope for a wide range of applications. 


Biomaterials generated from seaweed are naturally degradable and compostable. Unused seaweed biomass becomes a nutrient rich organic amendment capable of improving soil quality and returning carbon the Earth.

Circular Economy

Seaweed bioplastic films and biomaterials not only produce little to no waste in their production, but also incorporate waste organic material and contribute to a circular economy.


Our projects address the urgent global need to reduce single use plastic whilst simultaneously promoting carbon capture through supporting seaweed aquaculture.